Our Story

25 years ago In the Late 80th early 90th Elan Memran and his brother Remmie founded MetalHead Electronics in north Hollywood California.

In a little exotic shop Elan designed and build by hand an all tubes guitar tube preamp and tube Amplifiers that where based on his innovated famous modifications to Marshal and Fender amps,

The “Elan Mk2” all tube guitar pre-amp by MetalHead and the German Ver. Axis Excalibur EP1 , those pretty rare hand made guitar preamp was designed and build by hand in North Hollywood, California by Elan himself.
Those all tube guitar preamp came loaded with some KILLER tones and features.

Today Elan modifications and sound vision is being appreciated and in high demand,
Over the years numerous amp builders and maufactors tried to recreate Elan special tone and sound modification with limited success..
Elan’s secrete sound circuits are still kept and known only to Elan Memran and his brother Remmie.
Elan did sound Modification to Marshal and Build these custom preamps among designing other equipment for the top row musicians.
Elan worked with top musicians and Bands like Dino Cazares from “Fearfactory” ” Ian Crichton -Saga” ” Butch walker from Southgang” “Armored Saint” “Ice Tee and Ernie C- Body Count”‘,” Randy Piper from Wasp” ” Tracii Gun- LA Guns” “Kelle Rhoads Band” Bruce Hornsby and many other.

All used Elan Memran sound and design innovation on stage and in the recording studios.

Elan’s special signature guitar tone is being recorded and heard on many albums
Many recording studio included those pre-amps in the list of recording equipments they own.