Handmade All-Tube PTP Pre-amp

The Elan MK5 series is the perfect tool for musicians performing on ampless stages, in studios, and while traveling. It delivers the authentic feel and sound of a real tube amp directly from your pedal board.

The innovative circuit ensures a full-size tube amplifier performance with a plate voltage exceeding 350VDC on the 12AX7, producing warm, rich, dynamic, and natural vacuum tube sound.

These all-tube floor preamps/pedals offer a compact and portable design without compromising on tone. Choose from models like “Dino,” “Jimmy,” “King,” and “Acoustic,” which feature real through bypass.

These preamps are based on Elan’s modifications to classic UK and US tube amplifiers, trusted by renowned musicians for over 35 years. Each model offers a unique and adjustable tone characteristic, and every unit undergoes meticulous testing and tweaking for optimal performance.


Five Models of the ELAN MK-5:     

The “Dino” High Gain Hard Rock/MetalAll-tube floor preamp a tribute to Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares and his contribution to the Industrial Metal Genre.

The “Jimmy” Rock/Pop/Punk – All-tube floor preamp is a tribute to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and his contribution to the history of rock music.

The “King” Blues, Country – All-tube floor preamp is a tribute to the American blues singer/songwriter, and guitarist BB King and his contribution to the history of blues.

The MK5 “Acoustic” All Tube Harmonics Enhancer Floor Preamp Is an all-tube floor preamp perfect for sparkling clean guitar sound.
with headroom like you’re never heard before.

The MK5 “Bass” All Tube Bass Floor Preamp – Is an all-tube floor preamp dedicated to bass guitar, with headroom and punch that you can only dream of.

This all-tubes bass floor preamp will make your bones rattle!


The Elan MK5 electronics circuits draw inspiration from renowned amp modifications pioneered by Elan Memran, which have been trusted and utilized by a range of esteemed guitarists in live performances and studio recordings. This impressive roster includes Dino Cazares from Fear Factory, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, Armored Saint, Saga, Ernie C. from Body Count, LA Guns, and Randy Piper of W.A.S.P., among many other talented guitar players.

MK5 Featues:

NO STARVED 12AX7 TUBE PLATE – The Elan MK5 circuit perform exactly as a full-size tube amplifier with 12AX7 plate high voltage of over 350VDC.

  • 12AX7 Tubes
  • Bass, Mid, and Treble controls
  • Gain control 
  • Master volume
  • Noise-gate built-in (Dino model)
  • DI Balanced output (Bass & Acoustic model)
  • Detachable footswitch
  • Real through bypass
  • Lightweight 
  • Small size 7.5″ X 3.5″ (18X9 cm)
  • Universal 100-240V 15VDC for worldwide use


You are now ready to slice ice and move walls.

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Brett Simons,  Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow and Dino Cazares