The MK-5 Handmade PTP All-Tube Floor Preamps/Pedals by Elan are compact and innovative preamp pedals that deliver authentic tube amp sound in a portable package. With high voltage all-tube circuitry, adjustable tone characteristics, and a lightweight design, these preamps are ideal for ampless stages, studio recording, and traveling musicians. Despite their small size, they deliver a full and natural tube sound that rivals traditional tube amplifiers, making them a versatile tool for musicians seeking premium tone on the go.
One of the standout features of the MK-5 preamps is their ability to replicate the feel and sound of a real tube amp, thanks to their all-tube circuitry. Unlike starved plate designs, the MK-5 preamps boast a high voltage of over 350VDC on the 12AX7 tube plate, ensuring that they perform identically to full-size tube amplifiers. This results in a full, rich, and tight tube sound that captures the classic UK and US tube amplifier modifications done by Elan for renowned musicians over the past 30 years.


The ELAN MK-5 series features five different models, each designed to pay tribute to influential musicians and their contributions to various genres of music:

  1. The “Dino” all-tube floor preamp is a homage to Dino Cazares, the guitarist of Fear Factory, and his significant impact on the Industrial Metal genre.
  2. The “Jimmy” all-tube floor preamp is a tribute to Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin, and his profound influence on rock music.
  3. The “King” all-tube floor preamp is dedicated to BB King, the iconic blues singer/songwriter and guitarist, and his legendary contributions to the history of blues music.
  4. The MK5 “Acoustic” all-tube floor preamp is perfect for acoustic or electric guitar and other  instruments, delivering sparkling clean tones and headroom for a convincingly natural acoustic sound.  It will  make your electric guitar sound convincingly acoustic with sparkling clean tone and headroom like you’re never heard.
  5. The MK5 “Bass” all-tube floor preamp is specifically designed for bass guitar, providing ample headroom and punch for a powerful bass tone that will make your bones rattle and with headroom and punch that you can only dream of.

The electronics circuits of the ELAN MK5 preamps are based on renowned amp modifications developed by Elan Memran for notable guitar players such as Dino Cazares, Ernie C. of “Body Count”, LA Guns, Randy Piper of “Wasp”, and others. These preamps are designed to deliver rich, warm, and dynamic tube sound, capturing the essence of the musicians they pay homage to.


The Elan MK5 electronics circuits are based on the famous amp modifications developed years ago by Elan Memran for Dino Cazares ( Fear Factory), “Armored saint“, “SagaErnie C. “Body Count”, LA Guns, Randy Piper-“Wasp” and many other guitar players.



  • 12AX7 Tubes
  • Bass, Mid, and Treble controls
  • Gain control 
  • Master volume
  • Noise-gate built-in (Dino model)
  • DI Balanced output (Bass & Acoustic model)
  • Detachable footswitch
  • Real through bypass
  • Lightweight about- 2 Lb!
  • Small size 7.5″ X 3.5″ (18X9 cm)
  • Universal 100-240V 15VDC for worldwide use

  • 1 Elan MK-5 floor preamp
  • 1X Foot switch
  • 1X FS cable
  • 1X universal world power supply



Elan Memran with Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow and Dino Cazares

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