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Elan Memran and his brother Remmie’s journey in the late 80s and early 90s, as founders of MetalHead Electronics in North Hollywood, California, was a pioneering effort that was ahead of its time. Their unique industrial metal guitar sound, developed by Elan Memran, gained popularity among heavy metal guitar players who were constantly searching for new and unique tones.

MetalHead Electronics became known for modifying Marshall and Fender tube amps for famous guitar players such as Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Dino Cazares of Fearfactory, Ian Crichton of Saga, Butch Walker of Southgang, Armored Saint, Ernie C of Body Count, Randy Piper of Wasp, Tracii Gun of LA Guns, Kelle Rhoads Band, Bruce Hornsby, and many others. The special modifications and sound circuits created by Elan Memran were highly sought after and appreciated by musicians worldwide.

One of MetalHead Electronics’ notable creations was the Elan MK5, an all-tube guitar preamp/pedal that was based on Elan’s famous modifications to Marshall, Fender, and other amps. This preamp, along with the MK2, MK3, and MK4 versions, as well as the German Ver. Axis Excalibur EP1, were known for their killer tones and features, and found a place in the list of recording equipment owned by top recording studios.

What sets MetalHead Electronics apart is that the secret sound circuits and modifications are known only to Elan Memran and his brother Remmie, keeping their unique vision and sound in high demand worldwide. Their special guitar sound continues to be recorded and heard on numerous albums, showcasing the lasting impact and influence of MetalHead Electronics in the music industry.

Metalhead Electronics History Videos at The 1989 LA Guitar Show and The NAMM Show


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